hub (Maggie St) 1
hub (Maggie St)
Birmingham School of Art
hub (Maggie St) 2
hub (Maggie St)
hot-melt glue, stainless steel gazing ball, twigs
Mhairi Vari hub (Maggie St) detail 2011
hub (Maggie St) 3
domain (Imperial) 4
Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London
cable clips, copper, electrical and communication wire, glass bowl, salt, stainless steel gazing ball, vinegar
domain (Imperial) 5
Mhairi Vari domain (Imperial) 2011
Mhairi Vari domain (Imperial) 2011 detail
repeater (John St) 10
repeater (John St)
Domain, Domobaal, London
ball bearings, hot-melt glue, stainless steel gazing balls, stress balls
Mhairi Vari shift, retired skitterlinks 2011
shift (John St) with retired skitterlinks
Domain, Domobaal, London
dylon fabric dye, mdf, transit van security grille
cable reels, fence wire, glass marbles, hot-melt glue, sycamore branches
Mhairi Vari shift (John St) 2011
shift (Maggie St) 6
shift (Maggie St)
School of Art, Birmingham
dylon fabric dye, MDF, transit van security grille
Mhairi Vari shift (Maggie St) 2011 7
shift (Maggie St) 8
shift (Maggie St) 9
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